Bulletproof Upgraded Cocoa Butter

Raw - Organic – Wildcrafted – Low-toxin processing

Bulletproof Upgraded Cocoa Butter is made with an optimised process to create chocolate without the toxins.

We start with rare, wild, hand-harvested South American cacao beans from a single small region at high elevation with rich volcanic soil. High elevations reduce the amount of mold in the environment. The trees are watered with pollution-free stream water. We selected a heritage cacao species in the Arriba family from decades-old trees, some as old as 75 years. At no time do we use aggregators or wholesalers so there is no chance of low-quality hybrid species of cacao entering our supply chain.

Experienced craftsmen harvest the ripe cacao pods and bring them to the nearby dedicated processing facility. Unfermented chocolate is not edible, so we do ferment the chocolate. Our high altitude state of the art closed facility and single-source beans allow a short fermentation process with far less exposure to the types of toxic mold found in more humid African chocolate processing methods.

We maintain the delicate flavours and oils by quickly sun-drying the still-raw beans in mountain air. Then we grind the beans into a fine powder on custom artisan equipment dedicated exclusively to our chocolate. The beans are 100% organic, wild, kosher, and exceed fair trade standards (they’re also vegan, if you care).


Upgraded Cocoa Butter is a completely raw food

Upgraded Cacao Butter is harvested in the same way from the same trees as Upgraded Chocolate Powder. It’s never heated, so it’s a completely raw food (and yes, it’s even vegan).

Not only does Upgraded Cacao Butter taste amazing, it has the kind of fats that make you healthier. Sixty-one percent of the fats in Upgraded Cacao Butter are the safe, saturated kind that do not oxidize easily. Only 4% of the fats are the easily damaged polyunsaturated kind, but these are protected by the antioxidants in chocolate. The remaining 35% of fat is monounsaturated fat, the kind found mostly in olives and avocados.

Upgraded Cacao Butter is also a good source of vitamin K.15



  • BPA FREE packaging
  • Organic
  • Raw
  • Low-toxin



Use just like any other store bought cocoa butter, or check below for tips.

Upgraded Chocolate Powder + Upgraded Cacao Butter = Upgraded Chocolate

You can mix Upgraded Chocolate Powder and Upgraded Cacao Butter together at very low heat to make your own Bulletproof Chocolate bars or even fudge. The more powder you add, the more it resembles chocolate. The more Cacao Butter you add, the more it resembles fudge. To create that irresistible creamy flavour, we recommend adding Upgraded Vanilla, and if you’d like it sweet, you can add erythritol or raw honey to taste.

To make delicious hot chocolate, blend Upgraded Chocolate Powder and Upgraded Cacao Butter in 1-2 cups hot water with erythritol or raw honey and grass-fed butter or ghee, or coconut cream.

Last but not least, you have not truly lived until you’ve blended Upgraded Cacao Butter into your morning cup of Bulletproof Coffee. It adds a delectable hint of satisfying chocolate taste—and if you want a full-fledged mocha, you can blend in some Upgraded Chocolate Powder, too.



Organic Raw Cacao Butter


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