Thin Blood Smear Test









This test is run for patients with history of having been bitten by bloodsucking insects such as:

  • mosquitoes
  • ticks
  • lice
  • Triatoma bugs
  • or fleas

The test looks for parasites such as:

Additionally, metabolic dysfunctions such as:

  • vitamin deficiencies
  • free radical damage
  • pancreatic
  • liver disorders

They are detectable from blood cell abnormalities.




To run this test you need a PCI trained practitioner to receive the results. Marie Mann at mpower-fitness is fully qualified through PCI Europe to coach relevant protocols after receiving the test results.

Please purchase consultation to discuss results separately on

Basic virtual coaching package: £124.56 for:

  • 1 hour  intake assessment
  • 1 hour  1-2-1 assessment
  • 1 hour  1-2-1 implementation
  • 1 hour  1-2-1 follow up coaching/ test result discussion

or email: for more details.



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